Get to know more about Rebecca of Unique Boutique

I’m Rebecca, the imagination behind the boutique & blog. I’m 44 and I’m becoming the healthiest and fittest version of myself. I get so many compliments and questions about different things I do so I thought why not set up my boutique and blog and share them with you. Sharing is caring!! I’ve always enjoyed helping others and seeing people happy and thriving. You can read more about me on my website. What’s key to looking and feeling good is really understanding how your body works. Everything we do from eating, sleeping, our hormones and even the thoughts we think have a physiological effect on our bodies! I like products and treatments that I can use at home or on the go that I can fit around my lifestyle and commitments – and that make a noticeable difference in my beauty routines and life. I only use, sell and promote products & services I genuinely like and use or have used and will use again.

The Boutique: UBUK’s signature products include Lip Voltage & The Powerhouse needle free lip filler treatment. The strongest clinically proven needle free lip formulas on the market and the first of its kind. We also sell a clinically proven peptide mascara (Dreamweave Lash Construct Mascara) that nourishes and strengthens your lashes as well as encouraging new growth. Dreamweave Lash Magnet Mascara is used by celebrities and professional makeup artists and dubbed “extensions in a tube” by the media. Both mascara’s have incredible staying power. They are smudge proof all whilst delivering incredible results and being gentle on your lashes.

I blog about all things related to wellness, confidence and things that make me feel good backed up by science and neuroscience. As much as I love to look good I want to feel good also and doing the inner work on our beauty journey is equally if not more important. I also raise topics about important issues women face especially as we age. I’m currently doing the ZOE Health study and it has been really interesting!! If you are lacking energy you must check this out!! I really want to help, inspire and educate women especially as we age.

Become A Dreamweave Stockist: I am also the Business Development Manager for Dreamweave in the UK. The company was recently taken over and I was approached by the new owner to take on this role. I have used Dreamweave’s incredible products for over ten years now, long before I set up my boutique.

Philanthropy, UBUK is so much more than “just a makeup boutique” we have a purpose and soul mission to help make a dent in the world by helping good causes and those in need. Collectively with the support of our community of kind customers we want to help create a better world. Check out our Instagram and website/blog to see more about this.

I run various offers each week on Instagram and exclusive promotions via my newsletter so make sure you are subscribed. I also have some great giveaways coming up on my Instagram. So make sure you are following.