Tania’s Journey in the Beauty Industry

Multiple business owner, beauty blogger and CEO of SKINS clinic. With a wealth of knowledge and over a decade of experience in the beauty industry having embarked on her passion back in 2009 qualified in advanced skin treatments ranging from aromatherapy, microdermabrasion and chemical skin treatments as well as technical therapies for the face and body, enlightened by the endless opportunities brought her way by the beauty industry Tania expanded her expertise in 2022 by gaining the highest qualification in the laser industry, whilst training with leading laser experts.

Clinic owner Tania says ‘Fueled by my own passion and achievements I’m forever upgrading my skills and knowledge to provide the best possible services for my clients, with high demand for non-invasive hair removal treatments propelling – laser hair removal was dominating the industry with demand.

‘There are so many ways to embrace creativity within the world of beauty, as a therapist you’re at the forefront of promoting love, body positivity and self-acceptance, by helping others see their own beauty. Not only is it about the personal freedom of fulfilling your dreams, but also the impact on others’

‘I believe the most fulfilling careers are those that have a positive influence on others’

‘To be in a position to give others their confidence back is the most rewarding part of the process for me’

Meeting client’s needs is top priority and each client’s expectations are entirely different from one another.

Tania guides her clients through their personal tailored treatments as she treats them with the skin and hair knowledge she’s gained over the last 15 years, some suffering from low self-esteem for a number of different reasons from skin conditions to abnormal hair growth.

‘For each step of my beauty career I have built my own self confidence by reflecting on the small wins and celebrating each milestone. The last twelve months for me in particular have been huge for growth and trust in my own abilities, I’ve learned that one of the best ways to build confidence is to take risks by pushing myself outside my comfort zone. Failure must not be feared as it is a part of entrepreneurship, for each time you fail, you are one step closer to success’