Meet our Main sponsor – Piercing and Aesthetics by Tiffany

My name is Tiffany and I am the CEO of Piercings and Aesthetics by Tiffany. I started in 2019 in the October, qualified on Halloween to be exact. I am 26 years old and I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be building my own brand from scratch and being self employed. I have 2 cats called Bobby and Coco, 2 pigs called Teddy and Jeffrey and a dog called Nirvana. I have an extremely amazing support network in my close family and my boyfriend and I consider them a major part of my success as well as my really loyal clientele of whom my business would be nothing without!

I have a kind and caring nature, meaning that even after their appointments clients and customers are looked after and can contact me any time, any day, I will always help where I can… I also have clients out of area who will sometimes approach me for help, even when their treatments and/or piercings weren’t done by me and I still assist and treat them as if they were my own from day one. Furthermore, my passion and drive and focus means my business is all I mainly put effort into, this is why I am where I am today.

I carry out the highest quality and standard of all above waist body piercing and ear piercings. I also carry out lip filler, cheek filler, jaw filler, chin filler, skin boosters, fat dissolving, anti-wrinkle, advanced anti-wrinkle & intramuscular injections using all of the correct and legal products. I am the brand ambassador for Glow Envy Cosmetics Ltd and Kairax UK.

I only stock jewellery of an implant grade titanium mainly Ti Couture and QualiTi and I only use and recommend Neilmed Piercing Aftercare to my clients whilst looking after their fresh and healing piercings. Clients can come for upgraded jewellery at any point, they can even be pierced with it. I offer top ups on all anti-wrinkle treatments (free of charge as a thank you)… I always offer free consultations and even offer ear piercing mapping and ear projects if customers are unsure what they are wanting. To continue, I also carry out the procedure of dermal anchor implant piercings… and I am complications management and tox correction trained in case of emergency when carrying out aesthetic procedures.

My main offers which run 24/7 are package deals for both piercings and aesthetics! I am always happy to discount for customers wanting multiple services.

Piercings and aesthetics by Tiffany. 5 years in the piercing industry, 2 years in the aesthetics industry. Based in Prescot, Liverpool. I offer all piercings above waist and ear and all aesthetics treatments you could possibly think of!

I love my job, I love what I do and I am absolutely thrilled to be nominated as a finalist this year at the 2024 awards for best body piercing and also submitted an entry into the women in business awards too for Best business woman 2024..


Piercing and Aesthetics by Tiffany

Piercing by Tiffany