We interviewed the beauty boss Alysha Bradley, owner of Beauty growth Academy. She’s an expert in hair, aesthetic & beauty business growth. Alysha currently works with over 1200+ beauty business owners from around the world who are all at all different stages in their business.

1. Being one of the most influential beauty coaches in the UK we would love to know how you have built your audience and business coming from a salon owner yourself to a high thriving beauty coach inspiring thousands of beauty business owners?

“I think because I know first hand the struggles of running your own salon my content & training is very relatable to other beauty business owners. I started my own beauty business almost 6 years ago now and when I started out I had no clients and no team. I experienced all of the struggles. It took some time but I figured out how to overcome those struggles & because of that I think people can relate to my story”.

2. What is the best tips and advice you have given to your beauty clients which have proven to help them grow their business?

“Oh god there are so many! I think if I was to choose one it would have to be the importance of working on yourself first. In my opinion, business growth is a result of personal growth. The more you develop yourself & your mindset, the faster your business can grow. We do of course need to focus on business strategies too but first and foremost, mindset is everything.”

3. What do you love most about your job as a beauty coach?

“I absolutely love helping people & watching their life change. I see it every single day inside of my private members group. Someone will come into the group with a challenge & I'll give my advice, within a matter of days they come back into the group saying that it's no longer a challenge! This work is so rewarding and I don't think I will ever get bored of it.”

4. What would be your best advice to young people wanting to start out in the beauty industry?

“If you're truly passionate about beauty, reach for the stars and dont let anything hold you back. Nothing happens overnight and there is no such thing as a secret to success but, if you dedicate yourself to this it can change your life. Focus only on yourself & becoming the best version of you. Don't underestimate the potential earnings you can make either, there is some serious money to be made here.”

5. What are your do’s and dont’s when launching a beauty business?

“DO... Set clear goals, work on yourself, spend lots of time practicing, invest in your education. DON'T...Judge yourself negatively, focus on competitors, expect overnight success.”

6. What are your plans for the future with beauty growth academy?

“My plans are to continue growing the business, serving my members & helping more people! I'm currently working with 1.3k+ beauty business owners inside of my private community & that'll be at around 2000 soon! I'm also enjoying hosting my private retreats, my member meet ups & my live events. My goal is to keep having fun with it & enjoy my work/life balance too.”