It's that time of year when we delve into the crystal ball of beauty, unveiling the beauty trends set to dominate 2024! So, without further ado here are our predictions...

As sustainability becomes more prevalent in makeup, skincare, and beauty accessories, we are likely to witness a surge in consumers adopting these eco-friendly practices for their perfumes. Upcycled and refillable perfumes are set to emerge as the new scent trend in 2024. A new era of scents created from upcycled ingredients could be about to change the way we smell forever. With 65% of consumers expressing a desire for more environmentally responsible scents, as reported by fragrance company Firmenich, pursuing this direction makes both ecological and financial sense. Brands that prioritise reduced packaging waste and lower carbon footprints can attract a broader audience. Upcycled perfumes offer distinctive scents while minimising waste, resonating with consumers' desires for personalised and eco-conscious products. The affordability of refillable choices will drive this trend even more.

As we always aim to be, UpCircle are at the forefront of innovation on this trend. In November, we will be introducing two groundbreaking new fragrances, 'Flaura' and 'Santelle,' which redefine conventional ideas of eco-luxury by incorporating numerous upcycled ingredients into each eau de parfum, sourced from nature's plentiful resources. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also designed our new perfumes to be refillable as part of our industry-leading refill scheme.

Concentrated formulas

Concentrated formulas are set to redefine the beauty landscape in 2024. As consumers seek both effective results and sustainable choices, concentrated formulas offer a compelling solution. These products require smaller quantities per application, reducing packaging waste, reducing the weight of the product and its overall environmental impact. Additionally, the emphasis on minimalist routines aligns with the efficiency of concentrated formulas, allowing consumers to achieve desired outcomes with fewer products. Expect a shift towards more concentrated beauty formulations, highlighting the era of mindful consumption and maximised results.

Wellness-Driven Beauty

As individuals prioritise holistic lifestyles, there will be a continued upsurge in ‘wellness driven’ beauty products/practices. This trend aligns with the growing understanding that a balanced mind-body connection contributes to overall skin radiance. Brands are expected to offer products that incorporate stress-relieving ingredients, aromatherapy-infused formulations, and practices that promote relaxation and self-care.


In direct contrast to ‘Wellness-Driven Beauty”, there is also pushback to the continued focus on wellness. Undeniably, consumers are more proactive about mental health. But in a world of stress, horrendous new headlines, anxiety at work, online, and at home, the wellness movement recommendations of juice cleanses, meditation and yoga don’t always suffice. Anti-wellness embraces the seeking of positivity via more messy or chaotic means, think smashing a printer with a sledgehammer or going to a yoga class that also incorporates drinking a cocktail at the same time. How does this trend fit in the context of beauty and skincare? In the context of beauty and skincare, anti-wellness can essentially be summarised by a return to simplified and streamlined routines. As individuals lead increasingly hectic lives, there is a growing demand for streamlined routines that save time and reduce complexity. The beauty industry is responding by introducing minimalist products that address multiple needs, aligning with the desire for efficiency. Moreover, the trend towards sustainability encourages the use of fewer, but high-quality, versatile products, reducing both waste and environmental impact. This shift towards simplified beauty resonates with the continually increasing shift towards mindfulness and well-being, emphasising quality over quantity. As beauty enthusiasts seek a balance between self-care and modern life's demands, the trend of streamlined beauty is set to redefine beauty routines, promoting a more authentic and manageable approach to personal care.

Men’s Beauty

The rise of men's beauty will be more prominent in 2024 due to several key factors. Firstly, ongoing societal changes have challenged traditional notions of masculinity, allowing for a more diverse and inclusive understanding of beauty. As cultural attitudes shift, men are feeling increasingly empowered to express themselves through grooming and self-care practices. Additionally, the influence of media and celebrities is pivotal in shaping trends; as more male figures openly embrace beauty routines, they set the stage for broader acceptance.

Skincare infused makeup

Skincare infused makeup will most likely be a hot topic in the beauty industry for several reasons. First, consumers are increasingly seeking products that offer dual benefits—enhancing appearance while nurturing skin health. Skincare infused makeup aligns with this desire by incorporating ingredients that promote hydration, protection, and overall skin vitality. Another reason skincare infused makeup is becoming the new trend is the growing awareness of the harmful effects of some traditional makeup on skin health. Many conventional makeup products can clog pores, cause breakouts, and exacerbate skin issues. Skincare infused makeup addresses this concern by incorporating ingredients that are gentle and nourishing, making it appealing to those who want to avoid potential skin irritations. As a result, skincare infused makeup products bridge the gap between traditional makeup and skincare, offering a convenient way for individuals to achieve both visual enhancement and lasting skin benefits.

Mushroom extract

Mushroom extract is set to take center stage as the new trending ingredient of 2024 and for several compelling reasons. It is a natural ingredient, aligning with the growing consumer preference for clean and sustainable beauty products. Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can promote healthy skin and hair, making them attractive to consumers seeking natural and holistic skincare/haircare solutions. Mushrooms have been found to have great natural moisturising properties. Overall skin health is closely related to how moisturised the skin is. So incorporating mushrooms into your skincare routine is a great way to boost your complexion.